Our training program revolves around the horse and the rider.  Not only do we want to train and fix your horse, we want you to ride and work your horse without difficulty.  We work with all kinds of breeds of horses, ages, and levels.  Offering colt starting, problem solving and ground manners, barrel racing, gymkhana, rope, trail & ranch work.  We work on the fundamentals for each discipline, while maintaining a natural horsemanship foundation from the ground up.  We LOVE horses around here and always work them with quiet and gentle, yet straight-forward and persistent methods that GET RESULTS!  Whether you are looking to get your horse started under saddle, fix problems or bad habits on the ground and/or under saddle, want to start barrel racing, or need a good tune-up for your horse- we would love to talk with you about our training fundamentals, and availability.  We also work with the owner and their "new" horse so they can take them home and understand the training so to better enjoy their ride and relationship.  Please don't hesitate to contact us on pricing and packages.  Let us help you and your horse!!!


ALL training horses are in a stall.  Rates include hay 2-3 times/day depending on the needs of the horse, feeding of extra supplements and grain (provided by the owner), boarding in large stall with a run, cleaned stall 1x/day, bathed after each workout, and groomed.  If you would like supplements or grain fed, you must provide them when the horse is dropped off.  Shoes/trimming are paid for by the owner, but we facilitate and organize with the farrier of your choice.  We have a 3 terrific farriers that are at the barn on a weekly basis.  All training horses MUST have the following current vaccinations/worming before coming to the barn:


West Nile



Horses are worked 6 days/week.  Please allow a 35 day period for your horse at the ranch per 30 days training.  The first day of arrival is a "settle in" day, then they get 1 day off per week, adding up to 5 additional days.  The facility includes a large arena, a 60' round pen, hot walker, numerous tie rails, the "thinking post", wash racks, trail trial obstacles, trails, and will trailer out to various ranches and trails if you horse is ready to do so.  We do invite the owner to come spend the last few days of training with us and the horse to watch and learn what the horse knows and how to properly work the horse when he gets home.  

Colt Starting: $600/month

This package is for colts 2 to 4 years old that need started.  Please know that we can only do so much in a 30 day period with starting colts.- This is why we highly recommend a minimum 60 days in this program.  We spend a lot of time on the ground, using Natural Horsemanship techniques.  From the ground, we establish trust, get them moving off of pressure, sack them out, and prepare them for riding.  Our objective is to make it interesting and to be a positive stimuli for their young minds.  We DO NOT want the colts to buck, so all the steps are made to prepare them for weight/movement in the saddle before getting on.  When your colt is ready to go home, he will have solid ground manners, pick up all four feet, be familiar and comfortable with tarps, water, ropes, etc., and have an established riding foundation, including walk, trot, canter, stop, back-up, mount/dis-mount without moving, have been hobbled, and ponied from another horse outside the arena/round pen to name a few.   And of course, there is a multi-horse discount.  2-4 colts per month- $575/per horse.

Problem Solving, Bad Habits/Manners, Ground Manners &  Trailering Problems: $500/month

If your horse is acting badly and he's progressed to the point of being dangerous, disrespectful, makes you feel scared or hesitant- your horse NEEDS to be fixed before you, your horse, or someone else gets hurt.  Whether he is getting in your space on the ground, pulling back, bucking, rearing, striking, kicking, running off, spooking, barn sour, buddy sour, refusing to trailer, not standing quietly while being tied or for mounting, aggressive during feeding time, bad for your farrier, and overall disrespectful- we can help!

The horse will be put into an invasive 35 day training program, starting with ground work.  First, we will establish alpha- this varies in time with each horse based on age, how long they have been getting away with things, and personality.  We will spend time everyday with these horses, until they "give in"- then are rewarded with a day off.  At the 3 week mark- we will know if the horse needs more time in training, or if he will be ready to go home that next week.  Included in this training price, is 3 hours of private lesson time with us, the owner, and your horse.  During this time, we will show the improvement of your horse, how and when to react, respond, and recognize behaviors, and give you the tools and knowledge needed to continue his level of respect.  Usually, people like to split up the hours to 2 day (1 &1/2 hour) sessions.  If you need more time spent with your horse in a private lesson, we will work out a personal package.  Base prices can be found under LESSONS.  We want your relationship with your horse to be the best it can.  In order for this to happen- you must establish respect and maintain respect from your horse.   

Barrel, Team Roping, Ranch Roping, Gymkhana, Advanced Trail, Mounted Shooting & Ranch Horse Training:  $700/month

This program is for the horse who is already trained with better than basic skills: He should willingly pick up correct leads, do flying lead changes, easily move off of leg pressure (inside and outside), gives to the bit, stops, backs, and have good ground manners.  Our facility offers a full size arena with barrels, poles, gymkhana props, Heel-O-Matic, live steers for team roping and calves for breakaway, a branding pen, a 25 acre Trail Trial Course, and plenty of room to ride out on.  In conjunction to our facility, we frequently go to other ranches and help out.  We like to use the training horses for this as much as possible.  Also, horses in this program will typically go off of the property with us to events after the initial 30 days.  As the owner, you will be invited to come to the event to watch your horse perform.  The training price does include traveling expenses, riding at the event, and riding out on ranches or trails.  It also includes 3 hours of private lessons per 35 days with your horse on the last 10 days.  The training price does not include entry fees, supplements, or membership fees for the horse.  Whether it's barrel racing, roping, sorting, ranch work, or trails- the horses get worked and trained in the arena, as well as outside.  A well-rounded horse, no matter the competitive level, is a more content and enjoyable horse to own.  


Lessons: $60/hr with our horses

Lessons: $40/hr with your horse

Group Lessons: Vary with the number of people and needs.  Call for a personalized price for your group or family.  

Call for availability, with questions, or to make an appointment to come and check out the ranch.  We would love to talk with you about your horse, your goals, and how we can make your horsey experience rewarding.