We love horses and love matching horses and humans.  We work hard to ensure the horse you pick is the right fit for your abilities and goals.  The horses abilities and history are also apart of the puzzle.  Our job is to help in finding or training your partner.  There have been so many people over the years we have had the pleasure in working with.  These Testimonials represent a few of the amazing people we have had the privilege in becoming acquainted.  Look forward to many more!

"Hey Lynda!!!
Just want to say thank you so much for all you do!!!  Love both of my horses that I purchased from you!!  And I love boarding out there.  Been here four years now and can't imagine boarding or buying from ANYBODY else!!!  You really rescued me from my first horse purchase and I see how you match people up with just the right horse.  I also appreciate how well you care for every horse out there and your an amazing person!  Thanks again"

Thank you Lynda for getting me my horse.  I went through 3 before I just let you do the work.  You couldn't have found a better gelding.  Went branding the other day and he did just what you said he would- great.  I was able to get down and he worked the rope without problems.  What a difference!  I hadn't bought a horse without trying him before, but this worked out.  And we thank you for doing all the foot work it took to get the right one.  You got it girl!  Will be sending business your way.  Thank you again.
Marv at Rafter T Ranch

Our family waited till the PERFECT horse for our family came ....and Lynda called and said he is here come meet him. LOVE at first sight!!! My 15 year old has a new best friend and he is exactly as described. Fast neck reigns responds off pressure and sound trailers goes through water and trails and arena! We are so happy to have a new member to our family now Mom is waiting for her perfect horse to be matched up to me! Lynda is amazing and full of knowledge!!!!!! Thank you thank you! Forever friends and horse family ...
Heather Seeno

"Our family have purchased 3 horses from Lynda.  We couldn't be more pleased.  From the horses, to the lessons, and helping in my girls' confidence, horsemanship, and competitiveness.  Lynda and her knowledge, helpful nature, and solid horsemanship, has been more than what we ever expected.  Thank you Lynda for all you do for horses and people!!"
The D'Lor Family

"It is true- some of the best things in life happens when you least expect it.  Since the day I met Lynda and the crew, it's been such a wholesome and life-changing experience.  For me, I feel like they've given me something better than a horse.  They have helped me achieve more confidence as a rider, ever-expanding knowledge as a horseman, and a foundation to develop the skills so that I may branch out into different avenues.  They are committed to providing the best experience and opportunities possible so that everyone can share in the joy of being a horse-lover and so that these traditions can continue to be passed down.  They are definitely passionate and love what they do.  They really go above and beyond to make sure that everyone's needs and wants are met. Because they are honest, you always know what you are getting.  Just do yourself a favor and give them a call.  You won't be disappointed.
Jay S.  Stockton, Ca"

"Lynda helped me find my horse.  I looked for 2 years until I met Lynda and she searched for the right match for me and it ended up being perfect.  I probably wouldn't have done it without you and wouldn't have ever met my baby Magic.  We have so much fun and he even goes to the beach now!  Pretty good for an old ranch horse. Thank you again Lynda and keep up the good work.  
Kim in San Diego"

"Thank you Lynda for another well-rounded, smart, willing, started colt for our ranch program.  You've always had the eye for the kind of horses that will hold up for our ranch work and terrain.  We are excited to see how this Driftwood colt will excell.  You have done a great job in starting him with the foundation we like.  We thank you for all the horses we have purchased from you and appreciate your knowledge and horsemanship.  
K-> Ranch

I know how many people just love you Lynda and the goodtobehorsey.com crew, but we really REALLY love you.  I had been looking for a horse for my special needs son for over 2 years, until I called you.  You not only found our horse, you also got his shoes, shots, Coggins test, Rabies, and dentistry done for us before the shipper picked him up!  You went well beyond the norm and we appreciate you.  Not only is this horse just perfect for my son, he is now a member of our family, and he absolutely loves it here.  He is waiting for us when we come out of the house in the morning.  He never crosses the line.  When Cole is handling him, it seems he knows he has to be extra careful.  It is a beautiful thing and we cannot thank you enough.  I have never trusted someone enough to buy anything without seeing it- but we did with you and would do it a thousand times again.  You are a great gal Lynda and our family thanks you everyday for this.  It has brightened Cole's heart and we couldn't be happier.  We will keep in touch.  Thank you again!
-The Frieda's.

Lynda, Thank you soooooooooooo much for my two new boys!!!  They are my dream horses and because of you, they are mine.  I couldn't have better horses and cannot thank you enough for matching me with them.  Trina was right when she told me to only go through you.  You truly have a way with horses that is beautiful.  You also were so good to me.  Again, thank you so much and we will send you pics and keep in touch.  Thank you so much again!!!
-Brenda from Norco

Sure is nice to see an honest, hard-working young gal like yourself stepping up and forward in the horse business.  It is not easy dealing with the different people in this crazy horse world- but you have seemed to find a happy medium in communication and in dealing with people.  I have not seen such a busy gal, smile on her face, confident, and so controlled in quite a long time.  It is interesting to sit back and watch you work.  You are a cowgirl and I like what you do with horses.  I like what you have done with my boy and will continue to advise folks to you for training and sales.  Don't be discouraged when others blame you for things they shouldn't.  You know what's right.  Keep doing it.  Results make the difference!  Thank you again for your good work.
-Lisa C. Bakersfield, CA.  

I wanted to thank you for my horse.  We are doing so good together, especially after I started doing what you taught me.  You know her best because you trained her.  I might have thought that Chunk was not the right horse if I didn't do the steps with her you showed me.  We are already clocking in the 3 D's and have been to 8 races.  We placed twice and even got a check to cover the fees.  You trained  her so well and she is teaching me to ride better.  I have to pay attention when I am on her because she is so smart and I love that.  Thank you so much Lynda.  You have really  made me realize there is not just saddling up and riding- there's training and practicing, and consistency.  Thank you!  Oh, Chunk-Butt says hi : )
-Brittany H.

Cady aka Roxy is doing very well. We're doing lessons, clinics & trail rides for the rest of the summer. This mare is a major sweetheart! She has a very kind heart, is very willing to please & quite responsive. Thanks Lynda Lake! Very Good Match.
Sandy K.

This will be my fourth horse from Lynda.  All I wanted in a horse for the ranch.  Thank you Lynda for coming through for us.  It really takes a load off when I can just call you and tell you exactly what I want and you just make it happen.  Thank you again and let's catch up this summer to go ride!  Good luck in your races this year.
-Rachel S.

Both Sara and I really enjoyed meeting you and Dalton.  Sara has had a smile on her face all afternoon!  I could feel her connection to him the minute she started brushing him and he had his muzzle on her back.  I even said something to her about it and she said she was already liking him and she hadn't even ridden him yet.  Anyway, we really liked you also.  You are so friendly and I can see you work hard to care for the horses.  Even the way you helped Carol and the other guy with his hands.  Very impressive.  And even though I can see you have your hands full with the facility, you have such a positive spirit and I wish you the very best in making your place a success!
-Carol & Sara

Thank you Lynda for helping me get my boy going.  I count on you to do exactly what you say you will and what I am looking to get out of my young horses.  You help these old bones.  Thank you again and will send some pictures of our trail rides.  Thank you again!

-Janice P.

I have the best horse ever!!!!  I love him more than you can wrap your arms around the world!!  Thank you Lynda and we are doing so good in the arena now!!!  My lessons are going good and I am learning how to do flying lead changes.  Thank you though because this horse is my best friend!!  Thank you!!

Chelsea in Woodside

I have a horse that has been the best thing for me mentally, emotionally, and physically.  He was a horse I had my eye on and had Lynda go check the horse out.  She helped me in the decision and made sure the horse was what he should be for me.  She went to the seller's barn several times for me and I couldn't be happier with this animal.  Thank you Lynda for you help and all of your great advice!  I would highly recommend Lynda for any horse needs.

Kari in Lodi


We wanted to thank you again for helping our program finding another horse for our therapeutic riding program.  JW is working perfectly and we couldn't be happier.  He will have the best life a guy could ask for.  He is helping in changing and improving lives everyday.  The kids all love him and so do the adults!  He has done a wonderful job and you did a great job in training and matching us up.  You are truly gifted.  Thank you again and looking forward in working with you in the future.


The Crew at the 4H Club Marin

I hooked up with Lynda after I bought the wrong horse from someone. She helped me to train and find him the appropriate home. Then- was able to use that money to find me the right horse. Now, I am happy and riding a mount that I trust and love dearly. Thank you Lynda for helping me to get out of a bad situation and make a good one for me! You rock and are awesome! I would always recommend Lynda to anyone looking for their next horse!
-Trish in Santa Cruz

Hi Lynda,
Just a quick update on Ari.  She is all that I have wanted and so much more.  She has acclimated to her new home seamlessly.
My trainer loves her!!!  She is doing very well with her arena work and amazing on the trail.  She is so sweet, uncomplicated and
sensible.  My concerns about her age are quickly fading.  She is an old soul in a very young body.
Thanks for selling me the horse of my dreams.  Wishing you the very best in your new ventures.
Kurt & Michael

"Thank you Lynda for helping me find my best friend.  Even though we had to wait a while, we finally found the right match.  I could not have done it without you and I thank you so much for all of your help and guidance."

"I bought my horse from Lynda two years ago and could not be happier with him, how Lynda does her business, and the whole operation.  My horse is exactly what I needed for my level and I am improving as a rider all of the time.  I recommend Lynda and goodtobehorsey for anyone looking for the "right" horse.  Thank you Lynda."
-John P.

"Thank you for all you do in the horse world and with the people too.  You have a way about you that seems to brighten people.  You push them to do better and I think that is great.  My horses are doing just fine.  All is well and I wouldn't be where I'm at without you.  Thank you Lynda.
Kim P."

"Thank you LL for the great horse we purchased from you.  I have never bought a horse "sight-unseen", but you made me feel comfortable the whole time.  From setting up the shipper to getting our Coggins for us, you did it all- and we LOVE Brownie so much.  He is the best in the world!  We couldn't have found a better match.  Thank you again and good luck!"
-Gibbon Family

I can only say great things about Lynda Lake good to be horsey in Stockton. Two of my our kill buyer rescues and two are ottbs. Two came in from Penn. to her after the quarantine barn interviewed her. I had a three year old that had been a pretty bad start. They felt after interviewing Lynda she would be a good match. She is a GREAT horseman knows all the different skills. Can read horses better than anyone I have seen in the last year. Place is CLEAN and very reasonable. I have five horses there right now. One is coming home and I feel extremely comfortable taking him any where, another will come home shortly. Once again completely worked and will be a safe mount for my husband, son, or guest. One will need more work but I expected that and the other has tremendous potential so I want see how he develops. The last will be a ottb house pet love bug. If your serious and want to know more fb me back and I will give you my numbers. also, you will see on my home page her pasture. It is the horse laying down with two girls laying on top of him. Your horse will love what they do when she is done with them and you will too!
-Pat P.

"My Testimonial to the girls at the barn- You are all great!  I would never do my business through anyone else.  Nice horses, good times, and "it is what it is" with you girls.  Doing a great job! Keep it up."

"Lynda and the girls-
I have bought horses from you, had you sell horses for me, hauled horses for me, and have had you look for horses for me when I needed.  You have done what I needed and helped me get out of bad situations I got myself into.  Thank you for that.  You guys are a ball to be around and I appreciate all of your efforts in keeping us stocked.  Thank you a bunch from the Duncan Family."

"Hey Lynda,  I'm so excited about the fabulous  gelding, Scout that I bought from you. He is truly my dream horse and is everything I have been wanting and dreaming of.  At first I couldn't believe that when I called- you interviewed me on the phone to get a feel of my ridng ability and what I really needed and would feel comfortable with.  When I got to your place I saw horses that I thought I would like better, but as it turns out they wouldn't as you had said  match up with my riding ability and personality.  Being an older rider 64,  I have to be able to trust my mount in any situation, and for him to be obedient enough to follow my commands in any situation.  Scout is that horse.  I can't thank you enough for your  expertise and patience with someone as picky as I was.  Here is a pic of Scout and me.  Take Care and God Bless. Pam Hetland, Fallon, Nv."

We have a had a great experience with Lynda and the crew at her facility. Excellent knowledge,experience across all disciplines, and networked with all the services we needed. They found us a great match for our daughter who described her experience level as intermediate. The crew were polite and explained that perhaps we needed a really gentle broke horse. We got exactly what was right and she can now just jump on and ride.
I would definitely recommend Lynda and the crew to anybody looking to the right horse.
-The Putney's

Thank you Lynda for finding my perfect match.  I told you what I needed and wanted, and you found him!  Thank you so much.  You are a great horse-woman and a neat young woman.  Thank you again and I will always recommend you for anyone looking for a horse.  I will stay in touch.
-Gail from Reno, NV

Thanks for all you are doing Lynda.  BB is doing exceptionally well.  Thank you again.
-Barbara Kenney

"Lynda, You have succeeded again.  Thank you for my new guy.  What a super match.  You could not have picked it more perfectly.  I waited, sometimes in dismay, but trusted you, now very happy.  Thank you again.  Will follow with lots of pictures.  Good luck with everything you are working towards.  You have such a passion and look forward in seeing what you will continue to accomplish."
-Trish in Vegas

I had looked for a horse for one year when I found "Good To Be Horsey" and Lynda Lake.  I had been looking for a gelding, but after talking with Lynda, she was sure her mare "Kipy" would be a perfect fit for me.  WOW....was she spot on!  Lynda has an amazing ability to listen to what we are looking for , analyze our ability & temperament, and match up people to horses.  It is like a sixth sense.  Lynda's facility shows her commitment to a quality barn with an attentive staff.  Lynda is very genuine, which is a great find in the horse buying/selling industry.  I would definitely go straight to Lynda for my next horse.  Thank you, Lynda, for my Sweet Kipy!  God Bless you
-Mary in Taylorsville

Would like to thank you for the mare I bought from you.  She has turned out to be quite a gal.  I have been able to do what I needed on her, including ponying my young filly.  She has a solid handle and is tough like I need.  Sent you some pictures of us on a 2 day trail ride.  Thank you again and happy trails.
-Dana C.

Here I am 70 years young and finally after longing to ride a horse since I was 4 years old, at age 65 I got my first horse.  And what a horse - rearing, bucking which led to my first flying off experience.  Then to second horse who was perfect until you opened the arena gate then it was all over - she just freaked and therefore so did I.  Off to the third horse whose spook is difficult for an extremely experienced rider - yep second flying off experience onto asphalt!!!  That one really hurt!.  Needless to say I was still pursuing my dream but now I am an EXTREMELY FEARFUL RIDER and 70 years old!!!!   Friends suggest I get a 20 something year old nag who can hardly walk - ha!  Right!

Then  I run across Lynda Lake’s website.  I finally find a person who actually listens to me and my needs and  takes me under her wing of protection and finds me the perfect horse!   Now this is not just an old nag!  He is 8 years old!  Lynda has owned him since he was 2 years old and trained him herself.  If there’s any doubt of Lynda’s training abilities - you should dismiss them.  Lynda  holds herself to  very high standards!

Also, Lynda allowed me to come out and ride “Shorty” 3 times before purchasing him and one of those rides was a  trail ride which I was freaked out at.  However with her wonderful coaching and calm manner, she calmed me down and I  thoroughly enjoyed the ride.  With Lynda’s  expertise my confidence is coming back and I am finally enjoying my dream.

In searching for this last chance at my dream, a friend and I traveled 3,540 miles to many towns in California.  I rode 8 horses and every single selling is telling me how perfect their horse was for me.  Thank God I didn’t purchase any of those and ran into Lynda!!!!

Also there’s no fooling around with Lynda in regards to pricing or papers.  She always has the horse priced perfectly and papers are ready to go.  

I also want to mention that all the people I have experienced at Lynda’s ranch are helpful and respectful and everytime I go out there I have a wonderful time!

Lynda has the experience and  reputation to purchase, train or sell your horse.  I have complete confidence in recommending Lynda Lake to anyone!!!!!!

Rosemarie Caddel

Placerville, CA

Lynda and Good To Be Horsey helped me to find my trail horse.  Now we go everywhere and I am 67 yrs old! I go out on trails by myself, (which I used to do a lot of when I was younger) and have had a great year touring around the trails I've been wanting to go to for years. I love my Sam and thank you Lynda for making this happen! You are great! Thank you thank you thank you!
-Mary in Bakersfield

We have used Lynda to help us find our kids step up rope horses.  We gave her all of our information and she found us the horses. We drove down and spent the weekend- bought both horses and could not be any happier.  One of the geldings is good enough that my 10 yr old son can rope off of him and so can my husband.  That was just a bonus.  If you are looking for your next horse- I would see what Lynda Lake can do to help you! If she doesn't have the horse, she can find it!!  Thanks again Lynda and take care.  Sent pics of the last Jr. Rodeo!! The boys did great.
-The Priest Family